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Patrick Mileady
Patrick Mileady
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In Pitsmoor Adventure Playground, we have four generations, all working together for the benefit of each other and the community.

The lessons that our older contributors impart, are informed by decades of hard-earned knowledge, skills, expertise and experience that they bring to the lives, dreams and goals of children and young families at the playground.

An example of one such contributor is Joe Scarborough – much loved by the children, families and staff.

As a Burngreave lad, who has gone on to do great things, he has brought so much inspiration to the children and their families at the playground, helping them to realise that no matter who tries to write you off and no matter what challenges life throws, you can overcome every hurdle and go on to attain in whatever area you put your mind too.

Accompanying this, is the strong message from him, that in attaining great things, everyone should never lose sight of who they are, where they come from, where they are going and the fact that they too, owe it to others, coming after them, to make them feel valued and worthwhile and to give them a helping hand along life’s journey.

In recent weeks, we have seen reports about the crisis in the NHS and the inferences that older people are a ‘deficit’ – in effect a financial and resource drain on the State, due to the fact that more older people are living longer and therefore costing the State more money.

Yet it is fact, that older people have given of their lives readily through toiling day-in-day-out for decades here in Britain, bringing up children in many instances and contributing in other ways to the social good in order to help make Britain what it is today.

It should not be that older people are depicted in a skewed, one-dimensional way as being a drain on the NHS every time the NHS is hit with a crisis, as some of the coverage has done.

Many, many older people have paid more than their dues and our older people here in South Yorkshire are some of the nation’s best.

They deserve to be treated with the due respect they deserve and indeed should be getting.

Older people need to be celebrated and appreciated more.