Today’s Star columnist: Michael Bell

Sheffield entrepreneur michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
Sheffield entrepreneur michael Bell has set up city-based business mentoring school The Results Hub
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I remember a time when I hated coming into the office – maybe that’s the feeling you’ve got today?

My main problem was the fact I was just going through the motions and ‘doing a job’.

There didn’t seem to be anything in it for me; I wasn’t creating the kind of opportunity that would get me jumping out of bed in a morning and not wanting to leave the office at night

Today my world couldn’t be more different. I relish every second spent in the office!

The basis of the change in my working world are five key principles I now know should be the cornerstones of any successful business.

The first thing when embarking on a new businss idea is to spend the day with someone special to brainstorm and flesh out the ideas. That someone is you!

The first time I did this I was amazed just how quickly I could fill out an empty page with ideas as I began to evaluate what I wanted from my own company, who I wanted as clients and so on.

The only way you’ll do this is to ensure you’re not disturbed by anyone, so ensure you turn the phone off!

You then need to consider the kinds of systems you’ll need to run your business. If you want to see systems at work stand in the queue at McDonalds.

Until then I’d regularly been making up systems with no thought or consistency. I now know systems are incredibly powerful, effective and essential for any business.

Central to everything is the need to make your product or service stand out from everything else on the market. You need to find a way to differentiate it. This could be in the way it is priced, presented or in any of the myriad ways businesses find to create a Unique Selling Point.

Finally you need a well- oiled marketing machine to ensure your target audiences hear about your products and buy them.

In short, success in business can be honed down to five golden rules.

1) Know what you want from your business.

2) Create the systems that will help drive it.

3) Have a truly unique product.

4) If you’re offering ensure it has its own USPs.

5) Create a marketing engine that works and ensure it never seizes up!