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Jess Peace
Jess Peace
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From an early age I always knew I wanted to go to University and become a writer.

So like a lot of people who left college at 18, I applied to university, moved in with total strangers and took one giant leap from home.

Unsure what to expect, my knowledge was limited to those American movies where everyone walks around with red plastic cups and there’s at least one football player called Chad.

One thing I didn’t expect was for university to be hard.

Talk about naïve. There are times when you convince yourself you can’t do the work you’re given or that you’re not cut out to be whatever it is you’ve chosen to do. But uni, like most things, is just trial and error.

My 11-year-old self was right – I did want to carry on learning and I do want to become a writer.

I’ve met some really nice, genuine people along the way and gained some interesting life tips.

Like how to make cheese on toast without a grill and how to apply winged eyeliner without a cotton bud.

You might laugh, but these are the things you remember when it comes to an end.

Life is what happens when you’re trying to bag a degree.

University is like Marmite – it isn’t for everyone. For some of the people I went to school with, their lives are already under way.

Most of them have jobs, some of them have houses and a few of them have children of their own.

You have to respect that because sometimes it’s about learning as you do.

Me, I’ll be leaving university in less than a year and I haven’t got a clue what I want to do next.

Some people’s goals are vague. To be happy. To work with people they like. To have enough money for the things they need. What kind of job does it take to get those things?

If you find out, let me know.

University has really been something. I can only describe it as the way you feel when you’re at a wedding and the DJ decides to play the Cha Cha Slide; some people find it easy, others go the other way but find yourself enjoying it by the end.