Today’s columnist: Rachel Habergham: Small steps lead to change

Sheffield FC Ladies after they reached WSL with a 1-0 play-off win over Portsmouth
Sheffield FC Ladies after they reached WSL with a 1-0 play-off win over Portsmouth
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Sport is often a talking point, whether it be a debate on who is the best, whether it was offside or who is your favourite sports personality.

The list goes on and always brings out a range of emotions. In many instances they are positive emotions that can add so much to people’s lives.

Sport gives people a passion and a team ethos which is found in few other places. I have seen first hand the impact sport has had on my two eldest children.

At school it was the department they had the most enthusiasm for, it ensured they had plenty of exercise and has guaranteed lifelong friendships.

Away from school they are avid supporters of all sport, hogging the TV to watch football, rugby, athletics and tennis.

Currently the main focus is the Women’s World Cup. It is always refreshing to watch and provides some stark reminders of where the men’s game could change to provide better role models for the millions who watch every week.

Sport is also a big part of the gaming market with many spending hours playing games like FIFA.

Sport is by no means always positive as it can bring out the worst in some people.

The recent press announcements on FIFA 16 was an example of some of the worst things in sport.

I was saddened by so many negative comments on women being included in the game for the first time.

It’s a shame that through their life the individuals don’t appear to have been provided with any facts about the history of women’s football and don’t appear to have been challenged on their stereotypes.

My youngest child at only seven, has already been told by adults and children of both sexes that girls don’t play football.

Next time you think or say that just reflect for two minutes and think is that true and what impact could that have on the girl who is desperate to play football.

Luckily many girls ignore the stereotypes and enjoy playing football at all levels.

I hope everyone gets behind Sheffield FC Ladies as they celebrate promotion to FA Women’s Super League 2.

Equality, particularly lack of it is a massive issue that cuts across so much of our lives.

Every one of us could take small steps to change things for the better, sport is just one example.

n PS My eldest two children are also girls. I wonder how many of you while reading this initially assumed they were boys.