Today’s columnist, Patrick Meleady: What sad times for the NHS

Career politicians are seen as being less use to society as health professionals says a correspondent. See letter
Career politicians are seen as being less use to society as health professionals says a correspondent. See letter
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Yet again the Government says one thing and does another.

They are imposing a three line whip on all, in the UK to do one thing while they do another thing.

An integral part of the British Values agenda is democracy and its promotion and compliance yet we have a situation, with our junior doctors of the Government bypassing democratic and cooperative structures and requirements by imposing upon the junior doctors contracts because they say that their ‘negotiations’ with the junior doctors representatives has hit a stalemate with no hope of a resolution.

So much for the values of liberty, freedom of speech tolerance democrac .

Lest the Government think Joe and Joanne Public are stupid, let’s go beyond the Government double speak and say it as it really is ... the Government wanted to and is slashing funding from our NHS even though they have been busily selling off the public’s family silver to enrich the fat cats and their private city big business coffers .

Thereby they are accruing funding that could be better diverted into our hard won and much needed NHS , local authorities and voluntary and community sector services as well as the already hacked to pieces police, fire and other civil services or even into sustaining the north’s heavy industries.

They are using hard working professionals in our NHS as scapegoats for fiscal losses incurred due to the international irregularities of the banking industry and doing so by not deploying the returns they made from the selling off of the family silver to the public services.

Messrs Cameron and Osborne and your colleagues have need to remember that we up north are nobody’s fools - and so these attacks upon our public services and our public workers must stop. Those holding power in Government can all quite probably afford to pay for their own health care and that of their loved ones several times over without feeling any pinch but those of us who are ordinary citizens cannot and know every day the great benefits of the NHS a service in Britain.

The NHS and its junior doctors are valued in Britain.

They epitomise all that is Great in Britain .

For Government to then come along and misuse them and bypass the Government’s own espoused British Values is not only disappointing but shameful .

What a sad time for the NHS and democracy .