Today’s columnist, Patrick Meleady: Reason needed more than ever

Patrick Mileady
Patrick Mileady
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We have at this time someone running for US President, who demonstrates an inability to be balanced in his assessments and judgements and risks inflaming the very extremism he purports to be taking his hardman line on.

He stressed that he wants to ban a specific group in their entirety,with one exception – the Mayor of London – from entering the USA for reason of their religion.

The London Mayor rightly rejected his concession.

It seems that Donald Trump espouses too that if he is elected, despite being of migrant heritage, that he will build a wall to keep others out.

Trump is also keen to refer to his father, who was born in America, but much less to his mother and her family, who originate from Tong on the island of Lewis in Scotland, which suffered a great deal under unjust land clearances.

In the same way as others he now condemns, his maternal aunt made her way to the USA fleeing adversity and to seek sanctuary.

Having had a child out of wedlock she was a condemned person, necessitating that she must leave her Gaelic-speaking home, to make a new life for herself

She was joined not long after by her sister, Trump’s mother.

While every nation has a right to give careful consideration to the control of their borders, it becomes very dangerous when those who seek to hold or who do hold positions of power and influence choose to forego all logic by claiming that everyone from a certain group poses a serious threat to security.

Any leader of a nation, let alone one of the world’s super powers, has to have the ability to be reasoned in her/his thinking .

We sadly live in a world where extremist views in their different forms can inflame hate , or even as we see daily on our screens , death and havoc.

Just as in days gone by when extremism was endemic in certain nations, the need for the reasoned political voice is so much needed at these times, not only to keep their own nation safe from extremism in all its forms but globally as well.

This because we are all interconnected on this earth and an election in one of the superpowers has repercussions for all other nations and peoples ,including ours.