Today’s columnist, Helen Martin & Renuka Russell: Are you sitting comfortably?

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According to the British Chiropractic Association, the number of back problems in younger people has risen dramatically even in the last year.

Sitting causes up to twice as much pressure on the discs of the spine than standing, so even when you think you’re relaxing you may not be.

As a nation with an ingrained ‘sitting culture’ that spends on average of 3.7 hours per day on a laptop computer and 1.8 hours sitting looking at mobile technology backcare professionals across the board (including us at Affordable Community Massage) are seeing a concerning number of back, neck and spine issues in people under 30.

Some of these back problems have historically been seen in older patients.

Here are our top three easy-seaters that seem to be helping people coming through the doors here at ACM.

n Bad backs in cars: think posture. Keep your chin in and don’t grip the wheel too tightly as this causes pain in the neck, jaw and shoulders.

A rolled-up towel at the lower back can also help with pain.

n Head and neck aches at the laptop and computer: a forward head posture can lead to head, jaw and neck ache.

Make sure your monitor is level with your eyes. If it’s a laptop, try raising the height by putting books underneath.

n Pain induced by portable electronic devices: why not try ‘screen-free Sunday’ where you don’t surf on your phone, Kindle, iPad or slump in front of the television.

If a whole day seems absolutely unbearable, how about trying an afternoon? Get the kids out to climb some trees, take yourself for a nice walk or borrow my dog, Russell.

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Did you know? We also do pop-up clinics at home – all we need to do one is four achey people and a spare room.

If you would like some more inspiration, the British Chiropractic Association have produced a short video with a simple routine called Straighten Up UK – just three minutes designed to promote balance, strength and flexibility in the spine Chiropractic

n Information produced with thanks to BackCare.org and The British Chiropractic Association.