Today’s columnist, Fraser Wilson: Best thing you can leave behind

Fraser Wilson
Fraser Wilson
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I went on my jollies last week, to a tiny village in the middle of nowhere in Scotland. Would you believe, there wasn’t even any mobile signal?! This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. Here’s why…

Endless Facebook scrolling was impossible. Did you know that if you added up all the hours that Sheffielders waste checking for that life-changing Facebook update that never comes, you’d have enough time to train a herd of monkeys to type out the complete works of Shakespeare AND Ian McMillan?

It was actually OK not checking emails every five minutes.

Somehow I survived without knowing exactly where my online delivery was that second, or how I could enhance myself in all sorts of ways I don’t want.

And it was also strangely liberating not to know the latest news headlines.

Not that knowing what’s going on in the world isn’t important, but you start to realise after only a few days quite how miserable, and how miserably presented, most of the news is.

Give your heartache a break and go and make some happenings of your own.

I also avoided the trap of going online to look something up, getting distracted, and falling into an unending sequence of looking up the next thing, and the next thing, until you’ve spent half the day following a trail of interesting-looking things.

There was also some relief from the daily disappointment of Norwich City still not having signed a striker.

We used to have some pretty handy chap called Gary Hooper who we could really do with this season, but I don’t know what happened to him!

I had to go outside and look at the real actual world.

Sounds odd but I started to notice the weather a lot more.

Instead of looking it up, if you want to know what to wear, it seems you can look out the window and dress accordingly. Who knew?

I did more running in four days last week than I’d managed in the previous four months.

And quite a lot of it was up almost-vertical hills (even steeper than Sheffield ones)!

And I fell into some brilliant (often whisky-fuelled) chats with total strangers in remote pubs.

So it was pretty good.

If you’re heading off on your holiday this month, and can leave the phone behind, it might be the best packing you ever did.