Today’s columnist, Dr Mary Wren: Help to us keep mentally well

Columnist Dr Mary Wren.

Dr Mary Wren has worked in Sheffield for 20 years. She offers advice on health issues every Saturday.
Columnist Dr Mary Wren. Dr Mary Wren has worked in Sheffield for 20 years. She offers advice on health issues every Saturday.
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Did you know that according to the World Health Organisation 1 in 4 people will suffer from anxiety or depression each year?

That’s a lot of people.

But the good news is that there is a lot of help available and it is possible for things to change.

This week I wanted to tell you about an excellent resource in Sheffield that is available for people to access free of charge.

IAPT Sheffield is part of Sheffield Health and Social Care.

The IAPT stands for improving access to psychological therapies.

A new website and service has recently been launched with a greater range of options available for people to access without having to see a GP or be referred.

Firstly, there is a self-help section with lots of useful information about anxiety, depression, community help available and also physical activity options available –well worth a look as there are lots of contact details and website options.

Then there is a large section on help available for you. This includes things like the stress control course. This is a free six-week course, run by NHS professionals, with excellent information about stress and how we can combat it. Many people I know who have attended this course have found it really helpful and life-changing.

You can sign up for free online or by ringing on 0114 2264380.

Then there are sessions which run for four weeks called “improving wellbeing”.

These sessions look at aspects of depression and anxiety, again they are practical and run by professionals.

Someone said: “I was spending more time on my own because I was feeling worried and down. These sessions helped me learn ways to get better and feel more like me again”.

There are also courses available on “Living well with pain” and a course on how to cope with living with a long term condition.

Finally, there is an exciting new online cognitive behavioural therapy-type therapy available called Silvercloud.

The website says “SilverCloud is an exciting online therapy programme proven to help with stress, anxiety, low-mood and depression.

Some examples of anxiety problems it can help with are; obsessive compulsive disorder, health anxiety, phobias, panic and social anxiety.”

There is lots of help out there for helping us keep healthy in our minds and emotions .

Let’s use it.