Today’s columnist, Donna Pierpont: Stay connected to the world

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Empowering old people is one of the most important things you can ever do for them.

It’s even more important if they’re in a care home and they’ve lost a lot of the freedom they once enjoyed.

IT now offers incredible opportunities for the older generation and the more we help them access it, the better.

It’s a priority at my care home.

At the moment only a small minority take advantage of the Wifi we have at Broomgrove Nursing Home, but we expect that to vastly increase in the coming months and years.

Smartphones and tablets can reconnect the older generation with a world they might otherwise have lost.

I’m now seeing residents shopping online, speaking with their grandkids on Facebook and choosing the kind of furniture they want in their rooms.

The internet has regularly been seen as the preserve of the young but it shouldn’t be and attitudes need to change. There is now so much to benefit and enhance the lives of the older generation.

Everything from catch-up TV to the amazing Facebook groups that share photos of old Sheffield – old people absolutely love them!

We need to stop the older generation being intimidated by the internet.

We’re firm believers in the power of IT to enhance all aspects of life at Broomgrove.

We were one of the first care homes in the region to start using social media. We regularly use Twitter and Facebook.

They’re both brilliant ways to communicate the day-to-day life at Broomgrove Nursing Home.

They help friends and families of residents keep up to date with what’s going on and it has become a great communication tool for staff and ex-staff.

We have all sorts on there. You’ll find out about residents’ meetings, staff vacancies, staff members of the month and loads more.

I can’t imagine life without it now.

I’m passionate about campaigning for greater rights for the elderly and I use an online blog to help get those messages across.

You can check it out at:

And there’s nothing more important than a website to act as the ‘front door’ for your business.

We’ve just had ours revamped and had some wonderful new photos taken of life at Broomgrove.

Please check out Broomgrove Trust and let us know what you think.