Today’s columnist, Delroy Galloway: Can you champion change?

Peace Gardens in the sunshine
Peace Gardens in the sunshine
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Growing up in Sheffield as a young man from a minority background, it became clear to me that ‘fair’ meant something very different to a number of people than it did to me.

I’m sure you can relate to my journey – one where I have been excluded from conversations, prevented from accessing training programmes, refused entry to pubs and nightclubs – in your own way.

In the past, I struggled to gain employment for long periods of times, and when I did manage to get into work I was often laid off after a few months.

But the past is exactly where we need to leave it – it is the future where we need to concentrate our efforts.

We must take the lessons of the past and the skillsets we have now developed and use them to deal with the challenges we will meet tomorrow.

I have become a Fairness Champion of the Our Fair City campaign, which provides a great opportunity to put this into practice.

I would like to invite you to help make Sheffield a fairer city than it already is by joining the campaign making a positive contribution through your everyday lives.

It is really easy. You can make an online pledge to take small steps to improve our city, or if you’re already doing your bit you can let us know by becoming a Fairness Champion.

And why not help a neighbour, friend or colleague with the challenges they face, encourage others to visit the Our Fair City website or get involved in their own way, however big or small?

I genuinely believe that through this campaign and a positive change in all our attitudes, we can learn from the past and make Sheffield a city that stands for fairness – and an inspiring model for cities around the world to follow. It is something I am passionate about, and I hope all Sheffielders will grasp the chance to make a real difference to Our Fair City.

We aspire to make Sheffield the fairest city in the country and we’re proud to have people from all areas of the community supporting our campaign for change.

Our Fairness Champions come from a diverse range of backgrounds, including the public, private, voluntary and faith sectors.

You can find out more about the campaign at or engage with it on Twitter by mentioning @FairSheffield.

n Delroy Galloway is Station Manager at the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Training and Development Centre in Handsworth.