Today’s columnist, Dave Jones: Police service to be proud of

Interim Chief Constable Dave Jones
Interim Chief Constable Dave Jones
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This is my third column for the Star and a good opportunity to reflect on the last three months as I move towards the end of my time at South Yorkshire Police.

In May, I laid out my plan to help steer South Yorkshire Police through a very difficult period.

Principally, my aims were to provide financial and organisational stability and to coordinate and focus the offers of support coming from across the police service.

My aim in doing so, was to provide a firm foundation for the next permanent Chief Constable so that, while there is a lot of work still ahead for the force, there is a clearer sense of where we want to get to and how we will get there.

I am very grateful for the support shown by the College of Policing and the National Police Chief’s Council throughout this period.

We welcomed 22 experienced colleagues from around the country led by Deputy Chief Constable Andy Rhodes (Lancashire Police).

They were able to provide a fresh perspective. Their work has provided an invaluable insight.

Principally, they identified that there was a lack of a clear plan for the future and this is something we have been working hard on developing. I would like to publicly thank everyone in South Yorkshire Police who wholeheartedly engaged with this review and I am confident that the force, and ultimately you as the public of South Yorkshire, will see the benefit of this work for years to come.

I have also worked hard to stabilise the force’s financial position and to provide a clear strategic framework to manage some of the very real operational challenges facing South Yorkshire Police.

Over the last three months I have been able to provide a clear and affordable funding position for the force and I’m very grateful for the support of PCC Alan Billings in achieving that.

I would like to end on a positive note about SYP. As reflected in Peer Support Review, it is not all bad news.

I have spent a lot of time engaging with the officers and staff here and while the last few months particularly has been bruising for everyone, I have been extremely impressed by everyone’s desire to improve and move forward as an organisation.

I can assure you that you have a police service here that is full of people that care, who want to do a good job, who want to catch criminals and make their communities safer places to live and work.

I am confident that South Yorkshire Police can become a police service that we can all become proud of.