Today’s columnist, Bob Brown: How to clean up on house sale

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Did you know that a couple of days’ hard work can add thousands of pounds to the value of your house?

There are a few simple steps that will make your property infinitely more attractive to the prospective buyer.

Imagine for one moment that your house had suddenly become the subject of the old reality TV show How Clean is Your House?

Kim and Aggie arrive – mops at the ready.

Before cleaning your home, they’re going to trawl through it, pull it to pieces and tell you to be merciless in chucking out your rubbish.

That’s the kind of attitude you need to adopt as you get it ready for viewing.

Place yourself in the shoes of the buyer for a minute; when they come into your home full of its treasures and nick-knacks, they don’t picture a house full of character like you.

What they see is a space that’s crowded full of somebody else’s items. It makes it very hard for them to imagine themselves living there.

You need to overcome this barrier, because by doing so, it will help you sell your house quickly and make your onward move much simpler.

Start with the golden rule, throw away anything that you’re not going to take with you to your new home.

We’re all guilty of hoarding items that may be broken or have long since ceased to be of any use.

They tend to lurk under beds, in storage cupboards, in garages and in the attic.

You must make sure that you throw away all items that are broken.

If your potential buyer sees something that’s not working, subconsciously they’ll be thinking: “What else in this house needs fixing and how much is it going to cost me?”

It will kill a potential sale stone dead.

When doing this, don’t forget to attack the kitchen cupboards.

You don’t want them to open a cupboard and have to duck to avoid a jar of Bisto hurtling towards their head.

You know the one. You put it on top of a tin of soup and it’s been waiting until now to choose the perfect moment to make its bid for freedom.

Remember to vacuum, clean windows, tidy up rooms, de-clutter, clean all your kitchen appliances, re-grout and re-whiten all tiles in the kitchen, bathroom and WCs.

Make your house look new again and ready for sale.

Any questions email me on bob.brown@ewemove.com