Toby Jepson, Corporation on Friday

Toby is no Angel anymore

Thursday, 20th September 2007, 8:56 am

AT one time Little Angels threatened to become one of the UK's biggest chart rock exports.

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But when the furore of the Scarborough-based band dimmed the drummer went off to Skunk Anansie and then Feeder and singer Toby Jepson let his down some more and went solo. He has been releasing his new harder-edged songs via three five-track EPs, one for each tour.

Tonight, meanwhile, you can catch this secretive trio. With a name like Does It Offend You, Yeah? you know their filthy electro-punk is likely to be oh so off piste. Their keepers tell us to expect "stage diving, crowd surfing, equipment smashing, handlebar moustaches, hyperactive cowbells and widespread chaos". Told you. The tour coincides with Dan, James and Morgan releasing their single Let's Make Out.

On an entirely different tact Bar Abbey (beneath Abbeydale Picture House) has Paul Hession and Hans Peter-Hiby bringing his "torrential polyrhythmic style... attempt to inject excitement and power back into total improvisation". Army Of Briars support (more on their new album next week).