To vote, or not to vote in the next election

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It’s taken me a few years to admit that our model of democracy, which has been the standard bearer for the world, is not fit for purpose and probably has not been for many years.

I strongly suspect that some parliamentary representatives regard securing our votes as a hindrance which has to be overcome to ensure they can get their hands on power to start the real business of dancing to the tunes of their paymasters.

I feel the day has long gone by when we should have had stringent and effective controls in place to cut the invasive and undermining effects of lobbying.

Public funding of political parties I believe is now acceptable, along with performance management of our MPs with a real threat of recall and sacking of those who do not reflect the standards we deserve.

We need to stop the meetings with hidden agendas and expensive sponsored dinners where a wink and a handshake bring about policies of little benefit to us all.

I fear if we don’t change, our wishes will continue to be diluted by this cancer in politics.

It’s time for serious and genuine change.

As a person who values my democratic vote, it saddens me to say that I am not sure that I feel I can cast a vote at the next election.

The question which comes to mind is who exactly in parliament is having the say?

H. E.