‘Tis the season to be stressed, says study

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Half of men in Sheffield say women exaggerate the stress of Christmas while a third think they can do a much better job, according to the results of a new survey.

Over the next seven days, 63 per cent of women in the city will be suffering from high levels of ‘Hostess Stressmas’ as they worry they will not be seen as a domestic goddess by their family and friends, according to the findings.

Women are so keen to impress their guests over the festive season that they will survive on just five hours’ sleep in order to create the perfect Christmas, said the study, which surveyed 2,500 adults across the UK.

As a result of a lack of sleep and the stress of Christmas, 21 per cent of women will experience a festive nightmare this week, with over-eating as the most popular night terror and the arrival of the mother-in-law a close second.

The five most stressful factors are:

n Menu planning and cooking additional meals while guests stay over

n Keeping guests entertained over the festive season

n Partner and children embarrassing them

n Guests thinking the house is dirty

n Keeping the conversation going .

Travelodge’s study revealed that 89 per cent of women in Sheffield claim men are clueless to how much hard work, patience and determination it takes in trying to create a perfect Christmas.

On Christmas Eve a fifth of women in Sheffield will work into the small hours assembling new toys, making up stockings and doing last- minute preparations.

Relationship psychologist Corinne Sweet said ‘Stressmass’ can be avoided by lowering your expectations of a perfect Christmas.

“It’s not only the turkey that gets overheated at Christmas, family flare-ups are inevitable, especially as people who seldom see each other are suddenly thrown together 24/7.

“Take time out every time you feel riled.”