Tips for treating Bonfire casualties

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St JOHN Ambulance is urging South Yorkshire people to take extra care when attending or organising firework and bonfire displays.

And the first-aid charity is issuing advice to enable people to be the difference between life and death if an accident happens.

The most common injuries sustained on Guy Fawkes Night are burns and injuries to the eye, caused when people look up at the fireworks.

The charity, whose volunteers will be in attendance at large fireworks events, has issued practical advice.

Burns should be held under cold water for at least 10 minutes and those covering an area larger than the palm of a hand will need hospital treatment.

For major burns, an ambulance should be called and burns must never be treated with lotions, ointments or creams. Adhesive dressings must not be applied to the affected area.

To avoid infection, the wound can be covered with any non-fluffy material such as cloth, a clean plastic bag or kitchen film.

With eye injuries, St John Ambulance advises another person gently examines the casualty’s eye. Foreign objects can be washed out with water or try lifting the object with the damp corner of a tissue. If it cannot be removed, seek medical help.