Tin opener just a has-bean

Tin opener
Tin opener
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THE world’s going to the dogs part 556.

Bought a tin opener the other day.

Nothing remarkable in that, you may sigh.

But this was a special tin opener.

It cost £5 and is stainless steel and has a special feature.

It won’t open tins.

We had been having trouble with the old one for months so a new one was purchased from a supermarket chain that shall remain anonymous (Sainsbury’s).

A fiver seemed reasonable in these straitened times but when it came to opening a tin of beans it wouldn’t have it.

It didn’t do what it said it would do on the tin-opener.

Furious doesn’t quite sum up the mood of the struggle that ensued.

How can a brand new tin opener not open a tin?

Seems like a fairly basic requirement for such a tool but this one chewed around the edge half-heartedly and then gave up altogether.

It’s going back to customer services today to see if it can open a can of worms.

Update next week.