Time for an update?

We've heard and read a lot about Sheffield council's plans to improve our roads and plant more trees in the past few years.

Thursday, 12th April 2018, 7:12 am
Updated Thursday, 12th April 2018, 7:16 am

What I want to know is where exactly are the new trees and improved roads?

As someone who drives around Sheffield alot, many of the main roads seem to get worse and worse every year.

The council have also told us they’re planting new trees, but I’ve not seen one planted in my area. And let’s not forget that this is costing us billions of pounds in the process!

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Considering the ‘Streets Ahead’ contract was signed in 2012, isn’t it time we had an update? As such, I’d like Sheffield council to publish a map of the city and show exactly which roads have been improved and where exactly these new trees are. I’ve got an 18 month old grandson and he’s capable of putting dots and lines on a piece of paper, I’m sure councillors Dore and Lodge, Paul Billington and the rest of the people responsible for the state of our roads and footpaths are capable of doing the same, (though I could be wrong). Also I’m sure we’d all welcome the site of hordes of Amey staff out on the streets planting the thousands of trees we’re meant to be getting, as apposed to chopping them down.

If they’re not prepared to, let’s remember that in next month’s election and get rid of as many of them as possible.

Anne Fletcher


The ghost of Lily Cove

I was very interested in Michael Parker’s article Saturday, March 31st about the female balloonist, he posted a good picture of Lily Cove, I was always led to believe Lily fell to her death just outside Haworth near the dam.

I have read more than one account, she was in a balloon and it started to come down into the water and she had a fear of water so she jumped from the balloon.

She was carried injured to the Old White Lion Hotel in Haworth and died in room 7 there, rumour has it she still haunts that room and some people will not stay in it.

She was buried in Haworth Cemetery an air balloon is on her headstone, I make a point of visiting her grave every Christmas.

Christine Aston

Heron Hill, Aston, Sheffield

Humbled by dedication

Last week I visited the Annual Conference of the Geographical Association, held in Sheffield to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the GA, which has been based here since 1950.

The GA is made up of people with an interest in the teaching and study of geography. It was a privilege to join over 700 enthusiasts for geography who had chosen to spend up to three days of their own time in lectures and workshops to improve their teaching skills and subject knowledge.

It was also great to hear lavish praise from visitors for the ‘Golden Route’ from Sheffield’s Midland Station up to the city centre, and for the Conference venues, including Sheffield Hallam University, the Winter Garden and the Millennium Galleries.

I felt humbled by the dedication of GA members, cheered enormously by their passion for geography teaching, and very proud of Sheffield.

Frances Soar

Bentley Road, Sheffield, S6

What does he want?

Mr Cyril Olsen accuses Graeme who wrote in the Star regarding “unelected” European parliamentarians of being selective in his comments.

He says that we have only 73 seats in an overall Parliament of 751. In my book that is almost 10% of the vote in which there are 27 other countries. What does he want? All of the votes? Does he get to vote Mrs May or Davis or Johnson in? I would imagine the answer is no. Like myself he gets a vote on his local MP and I would say that I am happy to vote for my Labour candidate.

As for gratitude to Farage, well that man only turns up when it suits him but continues to collect his pay. He has done more damage than anyone. The mainstream media have done and continue to do the damage by continually “trashing” Corbyn, the EU, (they did it with Milliband a few years ago).

Wake up and smell the coffee, this organisation is far from perfect but will with our continued membership be able to be improved. We have a veto that we can use.

Don’t believe the continual “poisonous” information trolled out, we have had our say often enough and at times ignored “directives” that would have benefited us. Why, because it didn’t suit a tory agenda. With the assistance of UKIP all our lot have succeeded in doing is cause division. Divide and rule, have you not heard the saying?

B Heaton


Get a grip on reality

I can’t get my cap on after hearing that a Male Voice Choir has been told they must take in women. What!?

The touched policemen who penned this edict needs to get a grip on reality, for a start women can’t sing tenor or bass, I dread to think just where all this will lead.

I like many of my era like to watch a good cowboy film, one that took my fancy on Movies For Men, can I say that? Or should it be Movies For People, the film was called Fort Massacre starring Joel McCrea and Forrest Tucker, I quote the pre-amble “the sergeant of a cavalry patrol forces his weary and bitter men onward, only to run into an Native American ambush” so now it’s Cowboys and Native Americans is it, crazy, I’m sure the American Indian are not insulted by the name Indian but then again it’s the Political Correct Brigade with their crazy ideas.

Only a couple of weeks ago a woman, can I say that? came out with the idea that giving a girl or woman a wolf whistle should be classed as a sex crime, just which planet are these people born?

Since all actresses are now actors apart from Meghan Markle who is still afforded the title actress, just why is this, just because she’s marrying into a family of leeches doesn’t mean she’s special, lots of people will cry “you’re wrong” but lots will say “he’s right y’know”, a woman is an actress and a man is an actor, a woman is a comedienne, (never seen a funny one yet), and a man is a comedian .

I didn’t watch Joel bring his troop through to safety, native Americans?, I put my cowboy outfit back in the wardrobe and I doubt I will wear it ever again.

Vincent Malone

Gleadless Valley, S14