Time truants learnt lesson

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TRUANTING children are a major issue for parents and unless they tackle the problem it will land them in court.

This is the stark truth which emerges from statistics which show more than 500 parents have been prosecuted due to their children’s persistent truancy.

Going before the magistrates is a last resort, but it’s clear that if this is where you end up, you will lose. Every case put to the magistrates has resulted in conviction.

We back this course of action because parents are duty-bound to ensure their child goes to school.

It is the only sure way they are given the opportunity to learn, so if children persistently fail to attend, the courts must act.

The fact that 500 parents have faced such action is astonishing, but clearly not astonishing enough.

Truants must understand - your failure is your parents’ failure, so attend or your family will suffer.

Binge drinking is cultural problem

A CULTURAL change has been called for to change the emphasis on students and drink following the serious accident when a female was hit by a bus after spending the whole day drinking.

Police were so alarmed at a message she had posted on Facebook saying she had never been so drunk and was able to carry on drinking, they called for a review of the licence held by the student union’s Bar One venue.

But following submissions by the licence holder, the licensing committee has accepted there was not enough evidence to support a police review.

However, Graeme Cushion, legal officer for the union, has said he will set up a commission working with the police and licensing trade to look at the culture of student drinking in light of the accident.

That review will focus on the fact that student entertainment is dominated by cheap booze offers.

Binge drinking is a huge problem, particularly with this age group and students are ripe to be tempted with offers of cheap booze. But the problem does not end at the doors of the student union and the commission that is being set up should look at the wider problem of tempting young people to drink to excess, with some bars apparently still happy to serve them.

Carry on walking

WHAT a great achievement by Pram man John Burkhill to have raised £150,000. He is a familiar face and green wig on our streets. Long may he continue.