Time to sort blue bin farce

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SHEFFIELD city councillors did the right thing when they agreed to bow to public pressure and allow people to choose how they use their blue recycling boxes and bins.

This was in response to an outcry when people were asked to stop using the bins for paper refuse and put it in a box instead.

After months of grumbles in the columns of The Star, councillors eventually relented and agreed that people could decide to put paper in the bin or box. Bottles and plastics would go in the other, it was decided.

However, there may have been the will, but there has yet to be found the way to implement this. For the pledge has stalled in the face of protracted negotiations with waste disposal contractors Veolia.

The company says there is no agreement and will not budge. The council Cabinet is on record as saying that the change had been agreed.

Money is clearly the stumbling block but Veolia ought to acknowledge that everyone is having to operate in difficult financial times and the council conceded that they must deliver on their promise to the public.

It is time this was settled.

Help accident units speed up treatment

THERE is no doubt that our health services are under pressure and, with cutbacks in the public sector, this situation can only realistically be expected to grow worse in the coming years.

However, there ought to be no excuse for people being expected to wait four hours at accident and emergency departments at the county’s hospitals.

But that is the case after it was revealed that waiting times for treatment have rocketed at all the county’s A&E departments after targets were scrapped.

We appreciate that there are many and uncontrollable circumstances which add to the workload in A&E departments, not least being the presence of people with non-urgent complaints.

That is where we can all help the hospitals get back to delivering the level of service everyone expects: please make sure that you only seek help when it is absolutely essential.

All you need is love

IN our throw-away society, it seems that even romance is becoming a disposable commodity. For there are so many failed relationships that many worry for the future of marriage.

However, they need to look no further than to Sheffield couple Irene and Horace Snowden, who are celebrating 70 long and happy years of married life.

Of course Horace and Irene have had their ups and downs. That comes with the territory. But they have learned the one simple answer to a happy marriage: All you need is love!