Time to practise what you preach

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I LISTENED with interest to what the Pope had to say in his Easter message. One topic was the flood of refugees fleeing Libya and the plight of the island dwellers on Lampadusa, off Sicily, whose numbers have been overtaken by refugees. The Pope urged people to welcome the refugees due to the situation.

Perhaps he could set an example by opening up his palatial residence to refugees. Then, he could flog some of the treasures hoarded in the Vatican and build houses for them.

Here we had the late Jan Wilson declaring Sheffield a ‘City of Sanctuary’. That’s all well and good if the leafy suburbs also absorb some of the intake, as is expected of the poorer inner city areas. They’d also have all the strains it places on the facilities on the poorer estates, especially housing.

If you live in the inner city you are forced to like it and lump it. It’s time everyone practised what they preach.

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