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Bowden Houstead Fire Station is all but complete and it is for the most part a very impressive structure that incorporates some environmental off-setting as a means of green-washing away the simple but obvious truth that this construction is sited on what was once a very species rich area of Sheffield Greenbelt in a part of Sheffield poorly served by such an amenity.

I was of the opinion that when such a decision as this was made that the environmental damage done would have to be off-set like for like. Well ,I am not satisfied that a few bird boxes and a windswept green roof with zero access to the public plus a couple of wet areas replaces a sheltered flower meadow that was home to hundreds of species of invertebrates, amphibians, mammals and birds.

I have inquired about re-wilding two areas close to this development that would replace part of what was lost without receiving a suitable response.

It seems the thought of a mere citizen of Sheffield questioning the mighty SCC is rather unpalatable for the powers to be.

Is this because of the costs of my plan?

The costs of my plan are almost zero. All I ask is that two areas are removed from the mowing regime between February and late September with possibly an initial harrowing and seeding and perhaps even the investment of some plug plants.

King Fisher

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