Time to look at Julie’s priorities

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I FOUND Julie Dore’s recent Viewpoint article extremely worrying.

She referred to three wasted years under the Lib Dems but I’d remind her that when the Lib Dems came to power, they inherited from Labour a position where primary schools were, to their shame, just about at the bottom of the national league tables.

She shouldn’t need me to tell her that if children don’t get a decent primary education that is just about the worst start in life.

Fortunately, during their three years in power, the LibDems, to their great credit, significantly drove up the standard of primary education in the city.

If Julie Dore thinks that those three years were wasted she needs to re-examine her priorities.

Terry Saunders

Name names

I’VE been told as many as a dozen Wednesday footballers have gone across the city to play for United over the years, but none has come the other way. Can anybody name any of them?

Name and address supplied

Pattern search

Has anyone got any toys and dolls clothes knitting/crochet patterns they don’t use any more? My daughter is learning to knit and crochet and we are finding it difficult to come across patterns.

J Fisher, 1 Hillcrest,

Thirsk, YO7 4JJ