Time to ban the chip pan

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AFTER years of loyal service, it’s time for the humble chip pan to be cast out.

We’ve all owned one at some stage and who could have done without them in days gone by?

But that’s the point. They are a thing of the past, a bygone of a forgotten time when oven chips were either not invented or too expensive.

Now there are no such excuses - oven chips are cheap, safer to cook and more healthy, so what is the problem?

If you still need convincing, heed the warning of the fire brigade after they were called to three chip pan fires in 90 minutes.

Two people were left needing hospital treatment and another suffered minor burns.

This is what happens when a chip pan is left unattended on the hob.

People don’t mean to do it, but hot fat is such a potential danger and it only takes a second to start a fire.

So the message is simple. Ditch the chip pan and wave goodbye to the risk.

Chief’s career ends in dishonour

IT would be nice to be able to say that disgraced chief constable Norman Bettison has done the honourable thing by resigning his post.

But that would imply that he had acted unilaterally, without any pressure because he realised that his actions of 23 years ago had made his current position untenable.

However, Mr Bettison has been forced out of his job.

Mounting pressure over the past 48 hours and statements by every candidate for the job of West Yorkshire’s Police Crime Commissioner saying they believed he could not stay in his post resulted in him taking a decision he did not want to do yesterday.

Mr Bettison was identified in the Hillsborough Inquiry Panel’s findings as the South Yorkshire police officer who manipulated the story of what happened that fateful day 23 years ago to shift blame away from his force and onto the fans who perished.

Those claims were laid bare more than six weeks ago, and at that time Mr Bettison announced he would bring his retirement early to April next year.

But as pressure mounted, it became clear that he could not continue in his post and he has now resigned.

A dishonourable end to his career.

Pride of the village

COMMUNITY spirit it alive and kicking in Dronfield with the friends of the station winning its latest award.

They are a pride to their village