Time to act if you have dreams of lifting Colin Dyson Trophy

It's Semi Final time already in the Club Match Angler Championship and if you have designs on lifting the coveted Colin Dyson Memorial Trophy then you need to act soon.

Thursday, 5th April 2018, 14:54 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th April 2018, 14:56 pm

Tickets for the semi final stage are limited this year. We are holding just ONE semi final as opposed to the two in recent years and there are only 140 places up for grabs on a first-come, first served basis. If you intend to participate then urgent action is required.

We’re publishing the list of qualifiers here for the last time, after that you will need to visit my web site, www.bobrobertsonline.co.uk and click on the Green Un tab where you will find the latest list.

Demand is expected to be high. It may even outstrip supply so don’t hang about.

If you are in the list and wish to secure a place simply contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt (details below), to register, pay your pools and book your place. Match entry is £20 all-in with a 100 per cent pay-out on the day, minus pegging fees.

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This year’s venue is the home of Fish-‘o’-Mania, Hayfield Fisheries, near Doncaster, and following your suggestions, bearing in mind the match covers all three lakes - Island, Big and Little Adams, we are changing the semi final payout structure to level the playing field. Instead of jackpot pay-outs for the individual top weights the main cash pool will be spread equally across the 20 sections. In other words you will only be fishing against your own section and not the whole field.

Assuming a sell-out we will split the match into 20 separate sections of 7 anglers. That means you simply have to beat the other 6 anglers in your section to win £100 and automatically qualify for the £2,500 Daiwa sponsored final.

It means you are not reliant upon drawing a ‘flier’ any more. Wherever you draw you will now be rewarded equally. Saying that, some folk do like a flutter so in addition to the main pool we will organise a completely optional £5 pool on the day which, subject to agreement, will be split equally between the winners of each lake.

In the final, section winners from the semi will be competing for cash pools on the day plus £2,500 worth of Daiwa tackle prize vouchers. Following the success of last year’s trial, the top 4 anglers in the 20-peg final will win Daiwa tackle vouchers to the value of £1,000, £750, £500 and £250.

n Semi Final: Sunday 6th May, Hayfield Lakes, All pegs. Register up to 8am. Draw at 8.15am.Fish 10am till 4pm. Final: TBA

How To Book Your Place: To take part in the semi final you must contact the match organiser, Geoff Hurt, to pre-pay your £20 pools and pegging. This can be paid in cash direct to Geoff or by cheque or postal order made payable to Green Un Match Anglers Championship. Should you decide to enter the optional £5 pool this will be collected on the day. Whichever way you decide to pay, you MUST include a contact telephone number. If you qualify for the final and for any reason cannot make the final, this enables us to allocate your place to whoever came second in your section. Contact details will be treated as confidential and will not be used for marketing purposes or for any other reason other than to contact you regarding this match.

Geoff Hurt’s contact details are: 36 Hazelbarrow Road, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield. S8 8AW. Tel: 07921 166136

The Qualifiers To Date: Adamson, Craig; Allen, Craig; Bates, Peter; Batty, Jonathan; Beadsly, Andy; Beckett, Des; Beighton, Andy; Beresford, Paul; Boatman, Mally; Botham, Dave; Bower, Dave; Bowes, Mark ; Bowler, Richard; Briggs, Mick; Broadhead, Keith; Brotherton, Andy; Brown, Derek; Brown, Russ; Buckler, Mick; Burgin, Rob; Burkinshaw, Matt; Burrows, Paul; Butterfield, Rodger; Butterfield, Roy; Byrnes, Dave; Caddick, Steve; Cadman, steve; Campbell, Paul; Cardwell, Dean; Caton, Dave; Chambers, Roy; Cheshire, John; Chisholm, John; Chorlton, Ray; Chy, Dave; Clay, Graham; Clayton, Lee; Collinson, Shane; Cooke, Neil; Copnell, Tony; Coward, Mick; Craven, Gary; Creighton, Andy; Crooks, Paul; Curtis, Steve; Dale, Ronnie; Davie, Tom; Deakin, Pete; Dennison, Dave; Devine, Dave; Dodson, Mark; Donnelly, Paul; Driver, Fred; Driver, Fred; Dugan, Steve; Dye, Wayne; Eades, Tony; Easton, Aaron; Easton, Shane; Eckesley, Alan (Snr); Edwards, John; Elliott, Dave; Eshelby, Mick; Evason, Bill; Farrer, Brian; Fern, Ronnie; Fielding, Steve; Flynn, Keran; Flynn, Liam; Foottit, Nigel; Foster, Dave; Foster, Steve; Francis, Neville; Frolic, Andy; Fulwood, Paul; Furniss, Andy; Garlick, Chris; Gaston, Steve; Gersh, Steve; Golland, Tom; Gosling, Duane; Gosney, Pete; Graham, Scott; Gray, Pete; Grayson, Simon; Gregory, Paul; Griffin, Pete; Hadfield, Ricky; Hague, Dave; Haith, Trev; Hall, Bryan; Hanson, Roy; Harding, Johnny; Harrison, Alan; Harrison, Alan; Harrison, Mick; Hattersley, Paul; Hayhurst, Dennis; Heath, Phil; Higginbotttom, Keith; Hill, Andy; Hill, Andy; Hill, Keith; Hill, Roger; Hogan, Keiran; Holberry, Steve; Holmes, Mark; Howe, Matthew; Ingram, Andy; Jardine, Andy; John, David; Johnson, Dan; Johnson, Neil; Jones, Les; Jubb, Daniel; Keenan, Ronnie; Kelk, Mark; Khola, Ronnie; Kholar, Ron; Kirton, Mel; Lambley, Steve’ Law, Shane; Lawton, Mark; Lazenby, Ernest; Legdon, Chris; Lomas, Mick; Mac, Andy; Manchester, Steve; Marsden, Keith; Martin, Kev; Maud, Denis; May, David; Mcmahon, Lee; Melhuish, Dave; Mellor, James; Mellor, roy; Meluish, Ben; Micklethwaite, Scott; Mitchell, Ron; Moat, barry; Molyneux, Vic; Moore, Richard; Moran, Tim; Morgan, Shane; Morley, Terry; Morris, Gary; Morris, Mel; Mulhearne, John; Muscott, Geoff; Nelson, Wayne; Nemeth, Lee; Newsome, Steve; Newsome, Tom; Nightingale, Ray; North, Tony; Oldfield, Paul; Oldfield, Terry; Owen, Barry; Owen, Charlie; Owen, Neil; Palmer, Matt; Parker, Daz; Parkes, Gig; Parkes, Kevin; Parsisson, Craig; Patrickson, Dave; Pearson, Dave; Pearson, John; Pease, John; Perkins, Brod; Pinder, Andy; Pinder, Kev; Pitcher, Sam; Pogson, Mick; Poole, Bob; Potts, Tony; Powely, Doug; Revill, Steve; Richardson, Billy; Ridgeway, Dennis; Roberts, Carl; Robinson, Trevor; Royston, John; Rusling, Craig; Rusling, John; Rusling, Keith; Sargeson, Alan; Saxton, Malcolm; Searles, Brian; Sedgewick, Pete; Sedgewick, Pete; Shaw, Mick; Shaw, Mick; Sheldon, Lee; Sheldon, Mick; Sills, Mick; Sissons, Paul; Sixsmith, Mark; Skelton, Dave; Skinner, John; Smith, Graham; Smith, Mark; Smith, Stu; Spooner, Pete; Stanniland, Dave; Stanton, Paul; Stocks, John; Sullivan, Ian; Tate, Russ; Taylor, Derrick; Thistlethwhite, Dave; Thomas, Lewis; Thompson, Allan; Thompson, Roy; Todd, Mick; Tomkinson, Dave; Topham, Alan; Turner, Gary; Turner, Paul; Turner, Reg; Turton, Russ; Tyson, Dave; Unwin, Paul; Vickers, Matt; Walsh, Jim; Walters, Dave; Walters, Keith; Walters, Lee; Ward, Richard; Ward, Tom; Webster, Graham; Wesley, Matt; West, Martyn; Wheeler, Dave; Wiley, Rich; Wragg, Mark.