Time’s running out - Sheffield voters must register by tomorrow

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Sheffield residents are being urged to register to vote in time for the deadline tomorrow.

Voters must be registered as individuals, not households, for the first time and if they have not completed the forms by December 1 they will not be on the electoral roll.

Sheffield’s Our Fair City campaign is urging people to take action as a new report claims as many as ten million people could be lost from the roll.

Campaign champion Jane Thomas, who wrote the Smith Institute report, said: “This is a task which should not brook complacency or compromise; we should be aiming for maximum voter registration, not settling for a system where one in five drop off the register.”

Professor Alan Walker, a fellow Our Fair City spokesman, said: “Regardless of your political views, the ability to vote gives you a say in how you are governed, both at local and national levels, and is a fundamental issue of fairness.

“Not only does being on the electoral register allow you to exercise your democratic right to vote, but it also actually improves your credit rating as well.”

To register to vote or to update your details, visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.