Time for Streets Ahead to change

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Through the council, the people of Sheffield own the common land of Sheffield.

While many of the works are welcome, the publicly funded Streets Ahead programme places little value on asking the people of Sheffield what they think.

Local people given two weeks notice to save trees have struggled to find anyone in Amey who will listen before the almost inevitable chop.

In Sharrow and Broomhill, and now on Rustlings Road in Ecclesall, Sheffield Green Party members and councillors have supported residents presenting clear alternatives to felling, but witnessed precious little success.

The challenge is that PFI schemes like Streets Ahead focus contractors on the bottom line instead of working well with communities.

Change is needed. Improved consultation and communication with residents, promised by the council administration but not delivered, needs to happen.

Local residents are uniquely placed to say how trees, grass verges, even pavements, contribute to the character and beauty of their local area.

Beyond that, green spaces and trees offer immeasurable benefits for local wildlife, reduce flood risk and control air pollution.

We support local residents to have a say over their area.

We support them because these streets are not Amey’s, they are not even the council’s.

These streets belong to the people of Sheffield, and we have a right to a say in their future.

Jason Leman

Sheffield Green Party