Time for police to look at real villains

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I HAVE just read your piece on the South Yorkshire police.

All I can say is I don’t see any police officers now, so what chance will I have if their numbers get less?

I have spent hours on the phone reporting drug dealing less than 100 yards from my house.

I have collected the registration plates of a large number of cars.

I have even watched a dealer counting in excess of £2,000 in his car across the road from where I live.

Short of getting these low lifes by the scruff and dragging them to the nick I can’t do any more and still nothing is done.

I have had confirmation from the local PCSO that all the registration plates are known to them, so why don’t they do something?

As I used to work with drug addicts I am well aware of what dealing looks like and how they go about it, or is it OK to let them do it as long as it’s not in a well-to-do area?

I work, as does my partner. We have to live in social housing due to the housing and banking market, which does not make us second class.

I really don’t want to bring my one-year-old child up looking at this sort of rubbish.

I have also reported countless times youths riding on the roads on illegal motocross bikes but again I never see a cop.

However, if I rode my high-powered motorcycle at 33mph in a 30mph zone I would guarantee they would be there asking me for a donation to the Prime Minister and points on my licence.

It’s time the police started looking at the real villans and start earning their gold-plated pensions and over-inflated pay cheques

Simon Clark, a very hardworking citizen and tax payer