Timber... Sheffield suburb tree is felled

Tree being cut down on Crookes Road - October 31st, 2012
Tree being cut down on Crookes Road - October 31st, 2012
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A DECADES-old tree which stood for 70 years on the main road through a Sheffield suburb was felled yesterday.

Dog-walkers and bus passengers watched as tree surgeons carried out an expert operation in windy weather to bring the horse chestnut down.

Men in high-visibility uniform used climbing gear to scale the tree and cut its branches with a chainsaw.

The tree had formed part of a boundary between a row of terrace homes on Crookes Road and the open forecourt of St Thomas’s Church on Nairn Street, which is being developed with the building of a new church centre.

Last week a notice was fixed to the tree saying it was to be cut down as it had outgrown its location, and was causing damage.

Its roots had raised a footpath, and were causing a two-tonne stone gatepost to the church to lean in a dangerous way, a Sheffield Council spokeswoman said.

The tree will be replaced in the coming weeks with a more appropriate species.