Ticket to romance for tram workers

Sandra Glossopa and Ben Riley who met 10 years ago whilst working on Sheffield Supertram'Pix : Dean Atkins
Sandra Glossopa and Ben Riley who met 10 years ago whilst working on Sheffield Supertram'Pix : Dean Atkins
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Love blossomed in the fast lane for this Sheffield couple – whose romance is still on track a decade later.

Tram cashier Sandra Glossop and conductor Ben Riley struck up a friendship after they began chatting while on duty for Supertram in 2004. But their different shifts prevented them becoming closer for another year, until they met up again and found they had just the ticket for romance.

The couple moved in together in Woodhouse in 2006 and have now inspired a new competition for couples who found their dream match while travelling on the city’s trams.

Sandra, who now has the job of placing flyers and newspapers on trams while Ben works nights, said: “We met on board a tram in 2004 when we were both on duty – we spotted each other and Ben came across to say hello.

“We became friends, however, as we worked opposite shifts we didn’t really see each other again until about a year later. We met up again and started chatting and before long we moved in together in 2006. The rest, as they say, is history!

“Things are quite similar now as we work opposite shifts.

“We’re not in each other’s pockets all day which is good and then when we get home we can talk about hobbies or holidays – anything but work.

“Stagecoach Supertram has obviously played a really important part in our lives. If we both hadn’t worked for the company we would never have met.

“It’s now 11 years on and we’re still happily together and still working for the company, so that can’t be bad.”

The couple will now help to choose the best story submitted by customers about how they found love through the tram – with a prize of £100 in Meadowhall gift vouchers for the winner.

A Stagecoach Supertram spokesman said: “Have you met the man or woman of your dreams whilst travelling on the tram? Did your eyes meet across a crowded tram stop or did you fall for your partner whilst getting off the tram?

“We want to hear your story.

“The best story, as chosen by Sandra and Ben and the head of customer service at Supertram, Claire Ansley, will be given a £100 gift voucher for Meadowhall so they can treat each other.”

* To enter the competition email competition@supertram.com or post your entry to Competition, Stagecoach Supertram, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield, S9 3LS. Entries must include names, an address and telephone number, plus details of when and how the couple met, and whether they have gone on to marry, enter a civil partnership or have children.

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