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No one can deny that Milan Mandaric saved the Owls by clearing off their debts, but he’s a businessman and I am sure he more than got his money back when he sold the club.

He never spent big on the playing side, relying on relatively cheaper players and the loan system, which is probably why the club didn’t flourish as it could have.

There has to be some doubt about his judgement in the choice of new owner too.

His original choice, who he claimed was the man to take the Owls forward, was in fact unable to come up with the money.

Now he’s sold the club to a man who is a multi millionaire by all accounts, and yet the club are making some strange signings.

Players on season-long loans, relatively cheap players, apart from Lewis McGugan, from abroad, who are untested in a league like the Championship.

I wonder who decided that these players were suitable for the Owls, when the new manager hadn’t been appointed when some of the negotiations for these transfers began?

The owner has said that the manager would stay as long as he was producing the results, otherwise he would be replaced.

As previous managers have proved, if you can’t give them the tools they can’t produce a promotion – chasing side. If I was the new manager, I wouldn’t be unpacking my suitcase until at least Christmas.

It seems that the Owls’ new ticket prices were necessary to bring in the money to mount a promotion push.

Why not invest in some really good players first, and if the team does well then the crowds will grow and the money will flow in?

Quite frankly, if this is the way the club is going to be run, Mandaric might as well have stayed, and just hiked the ticket prices himself.

I sincerely hope that both the Owls and the Blades flourish this season, and I will happily eat my words.

However, Sheffield must be the only city with two millionaire investors running our teams that seem to be doing everything on a shoestring.

If you buy into a football club on the strength of your bank balance then it’s only nature that the fans will have great expectations.

I doubt that the season ticket price hike will be enough to buy a promotion side, and I think it will put off some floating supporters from going.

S Collins

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