Thugs hunted after attacking and robbing friends on night out in Sheffield

Brocco Bank
Brocco Bank
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A police hunt is underway for a gang of men who attacked, robbed and threatened to stab a group of friends on a night out.

A police hunt is underway for a gang of men who attacked, robbed and threatened to stab a group of friends on a night out in Sheffield.

The four friends were walking along Brocco Bank, Hunters Bar, when they were targeted by another group of men in the early hours of Monday.

One victim, aged 20, suffered a broken jaw and another, also 20, was punched to the ground and robbed of his wallet during the ambush.

Another two were chased by the group and were threatened that they would be stabbed.

Detectives investigating the incident want to hear from witnesses or anyone in the area at the time.

A 19-year-old man who was chased by the attackers but escaped unharmed said the violence as unprovoked.

"We had been to the Greystones pub and as we walked past the entrance to Endcliffe Park a man stopped us and asked if we wanted cannabis or cocaine, we said no and carried on walking by and he started shouting obscenities," he said.

"As we walked up Brocco Bank me and a friend were walking slightly in front of the other two and we saw a group of men coming towards us. The next thing we heard was thee men saying ''your mate has just fainted,' so we turned around and one of them was on the ground.

"They had punched him to the ground and stolen his wallet.

"Our other friend, walking just behind us, was punched really hard in his face, which fractured his jaw.

"They then started chasing us, saying they were going to stab us. Whether they had a knife I don't know."

He dialled 999 on his phone at the same time as his friend with the fractured jaw and officers arrived at the scene to investigate.

He believes there were up to six men involved in the ambush and said they were Asian.

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "It was reported to police in the early hours of Monday, June 12 , a group of four men were walking on Brocco Bank, near to Hunters Bar in Sheffield when they were approached by three men.

"Two men were assaulted by the group of men, who then made off from the area.

"The two men, both 20-years-old, suffered injuries in the reported attack. One of the men suffered minor injuries, whilst the second man suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital to receive treatment.

"Officers are currently investigating and making enquiries in the area.

"If you were in the area at the time or witnessed the incident, please contact the police."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.