‘Thug raped me on 54th birthday’

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News: The Star - bringing you news on-line 24-hours a day.
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A WOMAN broke down and wept in court as she recalled the moment she says she was raped by a stranger armed with a knife on her 54th birthday.

The woman, now 55, told a jury she was attacked as she walked her dog on playing fields in Wincobank, Sheffield, in April 2010.

Kajus Scuka, aged 48, denies rape and an alternative attempted rape charge. The Czech national, of Hinde Street, Grimesthorpe, is also accused of sexually assaulting three other Sheffield women near Meadowhall.

Crying as she gave evidence, the woman told jurors at Sheffield Crown Court she was walking her dog after work when she was approached by a man speaking broken English, who asked her for directions. She said when she tried to walk away he knocked her to the ground.

“He barrelled into me really hard and knocked me off my feet into a ditch,” she said.

“I tried to scrabble away from him but the bank was too steep behind me. He was just looming over me.

“I brought my knees up, I was trying to keep him away from me.

“I was pushing at him and trying to wriggle away from him. He had his hand on my chest.

“He was trying to undo my jeans and I was trying to stop him.

“Then he hit me really hard across the face - I remember being stunned for a few seconds.”

The woman said the man tore off some of her clothes and offered her £30 for sex before slapping her hard on her thighs and pulling out a penknife.

She said: “He pulled the blade out and was waving it in my face.

“He tried to kiss me. He kept slapping me. At one point I was thinking I didn’t want to die in this ditch, I didn’t want to die with my clothes off and be found by children.”

Her ordeal ended when her dog jumped on her chest and her attacker fled. She said: “I scooped up what clothes I could and I started to run.”

The jury was also played a chilling 999 call made by the woman as she ran away from the scene.

Screaming hysterically and hyperventilating, she told the operator: “Help me, I’ve been raped.”

Kath Goddard, defending Scuka, put it to the woman that she had found him attractive and had voluntarily performed a sex act on him before having consensual sex.

The woman replied: “I’m in a perfectly happy relationship, I have made a commitment to a man I love.

“I certainly wouldn’t seek sex on a public pathway where children play on their bikes and people walk their dogs.”

The trial continues.