Thug jailed indefinitely

P10 lead''Nathan Wilson, 11/12/80, of Keats Road, Fox Hill
P10 lead''Nathan Wilson, 11/12/80, of Keats Road, Fox Hill
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A VICIOUS robber who hauled a 63-year-old man out of his car and beat him up for the money in his wallet has been given an unlimited jail term to protect the public.

Nathan Wilson, aged 30, of Keats Road, Fox Hill, claimed he had no memory of kicking and punching debt collector Anthony Burgin before running off with the £500 in his wallet.

Judge Robert Moore said there was a ‘significant risk’ Wilson would hurt someone else in the future - and said psychiatrists would have to say he was safe before he could be released from prison.

Prosecutor Corinne Wilson told Sheffield Crown Court that Mr Burgin - who was collecting money for his employer KDS Financial - was dragged from his car on Yew Lane, Parson Cross, on July 15.

Wilson delivered a prolonged attack before passer-by James Cox chased him away and alerted the police.

The prosecutor said Wilson was out of jail on licence, having been given an 11-year sentence in 2003 for armed robbery.

In a statement Mr Burgin said: “I have cried and been distressed throughout the aftermath of this attack. It will take me some time to get over this, physically and mentally.”

Mr Cox, who was given a reward of £400 by the court, said: “When I realised the victim was an elderly man I was appalled and disgusted.”

Oliver Thorne, defending, said Wilson had no memory of the attack and could not explain it. He said he had recently formed a strong relationship and - after a traumatic start in life - ‘finally has something good to hold on to’.

Judge Moore, handing out the sentence, said: “It was probably the arrival of a public-spirited man that stopped a much more serious outcome. Apparently you have no memory of your offence and were shocked by your actions.

“There is a significant risk of you causing significant harm to members of the public in the future, perhaps without you even knowing it.

“You will not be released until the parole board, advised by a psychiatrist, decides it is safe to do so - which cannot happen for three years, minimum.”

Two of Wilson’s friends shouted and swore at the judge, storming out of the public gallery.