Thruppence on tax to transform England

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My wife and I went to the Crucible to see ‘Camelot – The Shining City’ on Saturday.

I must admit to having misgivings when I read the programme. A play that wanders around the city centre? How are they going to manage that? I shouldn’t have worried, the producers, principles and numerous members of the Peoples Theatre did a fantastic job with their little boxes and headsets.

I found only one fault.

There was no chance at the end to show our appreciation of such a wonderful production in which everyone had worked so hard. I’ll therefore applaud this way.

The Arthurian legend was effortlessly transformed from Avalon to Sheffield. Where else could you find such a ready-made shining city, from whose roots sprang shining stainless steel? It should be the capital anyway. Something about the way in which it was all depicted as it unrolled quite got to me and was a moving experience.

When I was much younger I was proud to belong to England. My intense patriotism saw me through military service in the 1950s and well into adulthood. I thought it had been totally killed off by 18 years of Thatcherism, quite apart from the depredations of this current gang of evil, spiteful, penny-pinching Tory bandits, that currently drive this unfortunate country. But with exhortations of “England!” and The Once and Future King, something in me was stirred.

I want to live in an England where we look after our neighbours when they fall on hard times, not accuse them of scrounging when they can’t find non-existent jobs or are not sufficiently fortunate to have the health and strength to succeed at the jobs on offer.

I don’t want to live in an England of food banks. The NHS and social care could be completely transformed by thruppence on the stan-dard rate of income tax.

Let us stand up to the mealy-mouthed politicians and the right-wing gutter press supporting them. When they are sounding off about difficult decisions that put another million children in poverty or cancel a thousand operations that will give quality of life back as many elderly people, let us loudly shout “We want the England we can have for thruppence on income tax.”

Thank you cast and all concerned for waking up my anger at what has been done to my poor country. Let’s do something about it.

Dr Frank Burgin