Three people reported for summons as protests continue over tree-felling in Sheffield

Tree-felling resumed in Sheffield yesterday
Tree-felling resumed in Sheffield yesterday
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Three people were today reported by police for summons as protests against the resumption of tree-felling in Sheffield continued.

Police also revealed officers are investigating an alleged assault which was reported at the site of tree work on Thornsett Road, in Nether Edge, yesterday.

The two men and a woman reported for summons today had their details taken on suspicion of obstructing a person acting in the execution of the Highways Act 1980.

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Police said they were not arrested as they had given their names and addresses, and would receive a letter in due course.

Three people arrested yesterday - a 48-year-old man suspected of committing a section 4 public order offence, and a 36-year-old man and a 39-year-old woman both suspected of obstructing a person acting in the execution of the Highways Act 1980 - have all been released under investigation.

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Chris Rust, co-chairman of Sheffield Tree Action Groups, said three protesters had today refused to leave the area under a tree, preventing work taking place, but did not put up a struggle when they were forcibly removed.

He said he does not believe they or the people arrested yesterday committed an offence under the Highways Act as this relates to 'essential' work, which he claims does not apply to the 'felling of healthy trees'.

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He said there were up to 60 campaigners present today, which is many more than at previous protests.

But he said there was not the same mood of 'hostility and confrontation' as there had been in Meersbrook last month, possibly due to the increased police presence.

"People are still angry, and they're even more determined to come out and do anything they can to make their opposition felt, but things are calmer than they were last month, when offences were probably committed on both sides," he added.

"We believe the council is forcing police to spend money because it won't admit the mistakes it made with its Streets Ahead contract with Amey."

Mr Rust said a campaigner had reported an alleged assault by a worker at the site yesterday.

Tree-felling had been suspended following clashes between workers and demonstrators in Meersbrook last month.

It resumed yesterday on Thornsett Road after South Yorkshire Police announced more officers would be present at the scene of the works.

Sheffield Council says the trees being felled and replaced by its contractor Amey are diseased, dying, damaging roads, pavements and properties or causing an obstruction.

But campaigners argue that many healthy trees could be saved using engineering solutions.

The council said two trees were removed today and one was partially removed yesterday. It said work on other areas of the highways programme was also ongoing.