Three month blackout alarm for residents on city street

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RESIDENTS have called for urgent action to fix a street lighting fault which has left their road in darkness since June.

People living on Grove Road, Totley, say that as the nights are drawing in, it is becoming ‘impossible’ to go out later in the day.

One resident, Barbara O’Connor, said: “Our road is absolutely pitch black. One evening last week, myself and some friends walked back from the church at the end of the road and couldn’t see where we were walking.

“Potholes on the road and uneven paths made it extremely dangerous.

“As the nights draw in this situation is becoming more and more urgent.”

A Sheffield Council spokeswoman said: “The information passed to the council via the electricity board is they have visited the site a number of times to replace the fuse, but this keeps blowing out.

“On Friday, the board again visited the site but were unable to fix the issue.

“They will visiting again to try to rectify the issue.”