Thousands of pounds left under a bush confiscated

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A £4,000 wad of cash found stashed under a bush in a park in Chesterfield, has been confiscated.

The cash was left under a bush in Thistle Park, Station Road, Brimington, in June by a man who left the scene quickly.

He was spotted by a group of teenagers who retrieved the money and handed it in to the police.

The next day a 41-year-old man rang officers and told them he’d lost the cash.

But because he was unable to prove it was legitimately his, officers applied to Chesterfield magistrates to seize the cash.

At a hearing on Christmas Eve Chesterfield Magistrates found the cash was obtained from unlawful conduct or intended for use unlawfully and made a forfeiture order.

It will be split between the Treasury, police, courts and CPS.