Those were the days

Travelling on my own, I was pregnant and feeling unwell having been on the train from Sheffield on my way going back home to Gillingham, Kent.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 7:04 am

I had to change stations, crossing London from St Pancras to Victoria or was it the other way round? Anyway I would have used the underground but because I was unwell I did this in a taxi.

Dropping me off ,the taxi drove away and I realised I had left my bag with my purse and my train ticket on the back seat. What was I to do?

Well thank goodness a Good Samaritan came to my rescue.

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She asked me what the problem was, it did sound a bit like a ‘scam’ when I think of it, but she took me to the desk and promptly bought me another ticket to get me home.

It cost nine old shillings then from London to Gillingham.

Walking with me to the train she thrust a five-pound note into my hand and waved me away with a ‘good luck’.

I didn’t get her name or address, I did ask.

I have thought about her and thanked that Good Samaritan many times and have tried to do my bit over the 70 or so years since.

Recently, I was approached in town by a man who had a similar story to our Star reader but as soon as I said I would go with him to buy a ticket his story changed and I knew something wasn’t quite right.

I directed him to a policeman who I suggested may be able to help him. He gave up and walked away.

The ending to my story is even better.

I received a letter from the lost property office some weeks later. The taxi driver had handed in my bag.

A reward fee, which was mandatory, I paid by postal order and I received my bag in the post a couple of days latter, every thing intact.

Yes those were the days.

P Withy

by email