This was an attack on humanity

Tragedy: Adele Geraghty who now lives in Sheffield with husband Phil Sidebottom
Tragedy: Adele Geraghty who now lives in Sheffield with husband Phil Sidebottom
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‘THIS wasn’t just an attack on Americans, it was an attack on humanity’.

So says New Yorker Adele Geraghty, now living in Sheffield.

“At the time I was living 90 miles north of New York in the Hudson Valley,” said Adele, originally from the Brooklyn area of the city and now of Nether Green, Sheffield.

“My friend called to see if I was OK and I didn’t know what was going on. As I turned the radio on the announcer was looking and describing the towers when the second plane crashed. It was like listening to Orson Wells read War Of The Worlds on the radio all those years before. It was very strange.

“My main concern was that my son was working in the city. They had stopped his train before it got to the Trade Centre and they sat there on the bank by the water across the bay and watched it unfold.

“They were two miles away but waves of debris and burning paper kept blowing into them. He called me in shock saying ‘It’s gone, it’s gone,’ over and over again.

“I didn’t watch much of the coverage at the time, I could feel the tragedy, I didn’t need to run to look at it.”

Writer Adele moved to England after a chance meeting with Sheffielder Phil Sidebottom when she emailed him in error. The misplaced email led to a long-distance romance. The couple are now married.

“For a while it brought New Yorkers together, made people proud to be American but I didn’t like the way it almost became a tourist attraction.

“I think Americans thought they were invulnerable. Somehow, since the Second World War we lost the vulnerability that had made us worthy of our place in the world. That arrogance is why Americans are hated by a lot of people around the world.”