This Sheffield cafe offers the city's first '˜pizza burger' combination

We sleepily stopped for breakfast on the way to work, but by the time we left were grinning and refreshed.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14 November, 2018, 08:40
Wagon Cafe and Bistro in Sheffield - one of their unusual pizza burgers

At the door, we were greeted by a pun on a chalkboard and welcomed in by staff.

Unobtrusive jazz played in the background and we cosily sank into one of the sofa seats with a window-view of one of Sheffield's most bustling streets. It was like being transported to a cafe on the Continent.  But we were very much in Sheffield.

Wagon Cafe and Bistro in Sheffield

On Leadmill Road, sitting between Sheffield Hallam University, the bus and train stations, with a picturesque view of the amphitheatre, Wagon 1871 is ideally located.

'Before Wagon, I worked in wholesale, supplying 400 shops in the area with vegetables and fruits and I always wanted to have a cafe here,' said Sahin Kapar, owner of Wagon.

'With the idea that it can be a meeting up point for the train station, so before people go or, when they arrive, they can have a coffee.'

He added that Wagon 1871 gets its name from Sheffield train station, which was built in 1870, as before then people would have travelled by wagons.

Wagon Cafe and Bistro in Sheffield

The decor reflects this sense of transit and offers a relaxing recuperating place between big journeys or as bookends to the day, either way Sahin said the idea is to always 'put a smile on people's faces.'

A fancy Go-kart hanging upside down on the ceiling caught my eye and certainly brought a smile to my face.

Sahin said this was his first kart and it took him seven hours to fasten it to the ceiling. It is accompanied by holy berries, old fashioned photographs of train stations and mostly recycled wooden chairs and furnishings.  

Although the theme reflects travel, most of the food is cooked fresh in the kitchen and sourced locally.

Wagon Cafe and Bistro in Sheffield

The meats come from Moss Valley farm and the milk is Our Cow Molly in Dungworth.  

Two per cent of the profits from the cafe also goes to Sheffield's Children's Hospital, which Sahin said was inspired by the support they have given his five children.

Their menu is varied and mouth-watering, and also offers vegetarian and vegan options, but their best-seller is by far their unusual pizza burgers.

This creation is a homemade beef burger wrapped in freshly made pizza dough instead of bread, with sauce and mozzarella cheese on the top.

Wagon Cafe and Bistro in Sheffield

Customers also have the choice to make DIY versions, selecting their own ingredients, or have a vegetarian option.

'We are the only ones in Sheffield doing pizza burgers, we use five different tomato sauces, fresh dough and local farms for the meat, and all this together gives the beautiful taste,' he said.

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They are indeed sumptuous and come with equally delicious fries and garlic dip.

But as these are already one of my favourite meals in Sheffield, and because it was early in the morning, we scoped out the breakfast menu instead.

There was a great selection available including waffles, pancakes, sandwiches, shakshuka, omelettes and traditional breakfasts.

I went for the Mediterranean breakfast and my friend went for the full-English.

As we waited, we read the motivational notes around spots on the walls reminding people 'c'est la vie' and to 'dance in the rain'.

Sahin said: 'We want to help people realise that every minute of life is really important, you don't need to be sad or get upset, or worry, you only live once.'

They certainly know how to make the most of the present, they have only been opened since July last year and have already gained a good reputation.

He said: 'We don't want first, second, third and fourth stages to Wagon, we want to have only one place and do it as best they can.

'And it's been getting better and better every day, because customers have spread the word,' said Sahin.

They are also available to order from Deliveroo where customers have rated them 90 percent for very good service.

Salsa classes that 'bring people together' and other events also take place throughout the summer.

He added: 'We are all family members, two of the team aren't but we call them family as well.'

This friendly nature came across in the service too, our food came on a wooden board and got a '˜wow' as it was placed down.

Mine came with cheese, parsley and egg pancakes, salami, ham and fried egg, marinated organic olives and fresh bread with two varieties of homemade jam and honey.

The pancakes were crisp and moreish and the cherry jam in particular tasted like home.  The fried egg yolk was a little too well-done for my liking but overall it was a delicious plate.

According to my friend the full-English was 'delightful' and, the chunky hash browns in particular looked tasty.

Our trip came to the reasonable price of £23.20 and we headed out into the day very satisfied.

Wagon 1871, Leadmill Rd, Sheffield, S2 4BA

Tel: 0114 312 2358