This must be last chance

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When is a deadline not a deadline? It would appear when the city council is desperate to solve the puzzle of Sevenstone.

Two deadlines this year have already been set with the prospective developer of the city centre retail site, and twice that deadline has passed without a commitment to build by Hammerson. Meanwhile, just 35 miles up the M1, we are led to believe that the same developer has just confirmed its commitment to build a similar size retail development in a bid to attract John Lewis to the city centre. There will be a justifiably loud sense of alarm about that decision and the target flagship store when set against the fact that John Lewis is supposed to be the anchor site for Sevenstone. The city council is due to be meeting with Hammerson today when a take it or leave it ultimatum will be on the table. With Leeds fast running ahead of the game in terms of its retail development, we can only hope this will be the last chance given to Hammerson to deliver.

Keeping the streets tidy

An area of Sheffield is a tidier place thanks to a week of action to focus minds and activities on litter. The question now is whether the message will be a long-lasting one. Residents were divided over the decision to suspend litter collections in Page Hall by the council which wanted to tackle a problem that was blighting that community. The week of action included a lot of education, community initiatives, involving schools and members of the public. The council is hailing it a success and residents are still divided - that will always be the case. But the real test will be whether Page Hall remains a tidy environment.


The Star’s Education Awards were a resounding success, thanks to the teachers, pupils and support staff who help give us such super schools. Thanks to all involved for a memorable night.