This is why you should always order two burgers at McDonald's - without fries

McDonald's in Sheffield - Google Maps
McDonald's in Sheffield - Google Maps
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In the run up to Christmas, it's perfectly natural to put food before fitness.

The holiday season is all about enjoying yourself with friends and family but sometimes that does mean a bit of indulgent eating.

So, while you're doing your Christmas shopping, you may be tempted to go in and get that McDonald's you might not usually get.

Although a McDonald's may not be great for the waistline, a dietitian has come up with a way you can enjoy it and feel slightly less guilty.

Nutritonist Emily Field told Business Insider that eating two burgers and ditching the fries may be more healthy than your normal McDonald's meal.

This is all to do with balance.

she explained that a McDonald's burger has more of the food components you should be getting as opposed to a side of fries.

In a McDonald's burger, you will find carbs in the bread, protein from the meat as well as a few grams of fat.

However, if you order a side of fries, you will be getting very little protein but a lot of fat and carbs with little nutritional value.

By swapping the fries for a second burger, you're almost doubling your protein while reducing the fat and carbs you would normally be eating.

Not only will you be having less calories but you'll also have fewer cravings later in the day because you're full up.

For example, there are 250 calories in a hamburger, 8g of fat, 31g of carbs and 13g of protein.

But, a medium side of fries will actually offer double the amount of fat but still nine grams less of protein.

There are also 340 calories in a medium side of fries, meaning you will be cutting down on your calorie, carb and fat intake by ditching the chips.

So, if you want to add more protein and stay fuller for longer, then grab an extra burger and wave goodbye to the fries.