This is why you may have seen a police escort through Sheffield this week

Police escort through Sheffield - Picture: Twitter @SYPOperations
Police escort through Sheffield - Picture: Twitter @SYPOperations
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Confused motorists and residents across Sheffield have been left scratching their heads after spotting a police escort through the city.

Police have been seen escorting a number of cars through the city over the past two days and residents have been wondering who is inside these cars.

Residents have taken to social media to try and find the answer to their questions but, sadly, with little success.

Many have seen a number of police motorbikes escorting the cars through the town centre, including at Saint Mary's Gate and Arundel Gate.

Police have now responded to those on Twitter asking who the "extravagant" police escort was for.

South Yorkshire Police Operational Support confirmed that there were no VIP's being escorted through Sheffield, rather just a traing drill.

They tweeted: "You may have seen us this week in @syptweet area. No VIP's unfortunately, officers training and testing their skills #giveusawave"