This is why Reverend and the Makers front man Jon McClure is taking a break from Twitter

Jon McClure, of Sheffield indie darlings Reverend and the Makers, is taking a break from Twitter and has urged fans to pen letters to him instead.

The front man said he had had enough of the ‘virtual world of ranting fools’ but was keen to communicate with fans via the more traditional art of letter-writing.

Reverend and the Makers front man Jon McClure (pic: Graham Walker)

Reverend and the Makers front man Jon McClure (pic: Graham Walker)

He promised to try his hardest to respond to all those taking the time to post him a letter, but warned that any ‘nasty’ mail would be reported to police.

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Posting via the band’s Twitter account this week, he said: “I’ve decided to take a break from being on here. I’ll save you the melodrama but in short it’s high time I engaged with the real world, not the virtual world of ranting fools.

“We aren’t learning anything from each other on here are we? I’m the worst for it. Just shouting horrible stuff at each other and seeking to transform each other’s points of view into outrage.

“I argue with people regularly who I’d probably really get on with if I met them in real life.

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“Me and the Makers have a lad works with us who will post the odd gig thing etc and I’ll be back on in the future, I’m sure.

“In the meantime, I’d like to begin writing letters back and forth with any of you who can be bothered to take the time to write to me.

“I’ll try my hardest to reply to you all in due course if you leave a forwarding address.”

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He said fans could write to him at Jon McClure, PO Box 5954, Sheffield S11 0GL.

“Tell me a story, draw me a picture, anything you like. I’m going to be a man of letters,” he continued.

“See you around. I’m off to buy some stamps.”