This is why Bargain Hunt with Sheffield's Jarvis Cocker had to be reshot '“ WARNING: contains spoilers

The truth of why a celebrity edition of Bargain Hunt with Sheffield music icon Jarvis Cocker has emerged '“ as the controversial episode prepares to be aired later today.

Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:10 am
Updated Friday, 28th September 2018, 11:17 am


It was revealed earlier this month that the ending of the show '“ featuring Pulp lead singer Jarvis and bandmate Candida Doyle taking on Happy Mondays stars Bez and Rowetta '“ had to be re-recorded after '˜foul play' by one of the teams.

Happy Mondays and Pulp go head to head in the special edition.

The two bands go head to head on the show as part of BBC Music Day today.

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But the rule break was only discovered after filming had finished which meant that the end of the show needed to be rerecorded.

The four were tasked with finding bargains at an antiques fair in Kent for the BBC One show, which will be aired at 12.15pm today.


The show's rule book does not allow family and friends to take part in the auctions but Bez's girlfriend bid and won his team's two auction items, a mirror and a music turntable, securing them an £8 profit which was enough to give them victory.

Despite losing £95 on their auction items, Cocker's team was given the win when the infringement came to light.

Bez, who handed back the £8 profit, said: "It was a genuine error. My girlfriend thought she was helping out."

The show's executive producer Paul Tucker, whose production team is based in Cardiff, said: "We have rules and regulations on Bargain Hunt and we have to make sure they abide by them.

"It was picked up by a runner and we verified there were clearly misdemeanours going on.

"It was a genuine rule that was broken and we had to reshoot the end."

Mr Tucker added: "They are rock and rollers and they live on the edge as they did in the 80s.

"It's not a surprise but in the end it was quite amusing."