This is when supermarkets in Sheffield start reducing the prce of their food

Asda in Sheffield is backing the scheme.
Asda in Sheffield is backing the scheme.
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Doing your weekly food shop can be a very expensive activity, even with all the discounts and offers supermarkerts provide.

So, finding your favourite product with a yellow reduced sticker staring back at you is always a special moment.

Normally, getting your hands on one of these huge discounts is usually more down to luck rather than timing.

But, there are some tips and tricks to making sure you’ve got the best possible chance of taking advantage of these bargains.

Reddit user Giroud_D asked the online community when a range of supermarkets start reducing their food with customers and staff eager to help.

From Waitrose to Tesco and Sainsbury’s to Asda, users started sharing their experiences of the specific time you should visit to get your hands on the discounts.

The food is reduced in the supermarket either because it has a short date, it has been superficially damaged or it is no longer being sold.

Take a look through our picture gallery to find out when savvy shoppers believe their favourite supermarkets start to reduce their food.