This is the traffic-plagued Sheffield street where it’s ‘quicker to run’ than drive down

A frustrated commuter has claimed that it is quicker to run than drive down a Sheffield road because of traffic chaos.

Monday, 11th February 2019, 13:28 pm
Updated Monday, 11th February 2019, 13:32 pm
Traffic in Sheffield - Credit: Helen Jones

Helen Jones took to Twitter to complain about the state of the traffic on Middlewood Road earlier this month, claiming queues of cars stretched back for miles. 

Posting a video on Twitter, a huge queue of cars can be seen snaking down the road while Ms Jones runs by on the left hand side. 

Traffic in Sheffield - Credit: Helen Jones

She said that she either cycles or runs to work and claimed that it is a far quicker method of travel than by car.

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“Traffic builds up on Middlewood Road, heading towards Middlewood from Oughtibridge, most days in the rush hour, and can often extend back about a mile further,” Helen said.

“This happens constantly and it’s not because of roadworks. It’s not helped by the timing of the traffic lights due to the trams at Middlewood.

“I’ve been cycling to work for three years now and we should be encouraging more people to get out of their cars and either use active travel or public transport.

“Unfortunately the cost of public transport is too high and keep increasing. If people have already absorbed the cost of their fuel for the month then it’s a case of paying £4 to park in town.

“This is the same as the cost of a day ticket on the tram or bus. It’s too easy to use the car, too costly for public transport and too dangerous to ride a bike for most people.”

Helen has been cycling or running to work for the past three years and has called on Sheffield City Council to do more to tackle the traffic problems.

She tweeted: “#Sheffield - where running to work is faster than driving. Traffic crawling 3.5 miles outside the city centre. What is @SheffCouncil doing to tackle this?”

Sheffield City Council has announced plans for a ‘pollution charge’ of up to £50 a day to drive into the city, which will affect buses, taxis, vans, coaches and lorries. 

Transport bosses have also said more people need to use public transport to help ease traffic congestion in Sheffield as the city continues to record high pollution levels. 

The council said the ‘Clean Air Zone’ will help tackle pollution and ‘save lives’ but it will also mean drivers of high-polluting vehicles will have to either raise fees or absorb the high charges, which some have already said is not possible without extra funding.

Stephen Edwards, executive director of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive, said easing traffic congestion in the city could only be achieved through a ‘sea change in the way we travel’

“Tackling traffic congestion in Sheffield can only be achieved through a sea change in the way we travel. 

"The number of cars on our roads has left us with local air quality levels that are among the worst in the UK, and a resulting impact on life expectancy.

"Our population is disadvantaged because of the journey choices we make – that’s a big public responsibility."