This is the advice from firefighters as heatwave continues across South Yorkshire

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Struggling to cool down as the heatwave continues across Sheffield?  Get yourself an ice cream - that's the advice from firefighters in South Yorkshire.

With temperatures of 30C forecast this week, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service group manager Andy Hayter urged people to avoid the temptation to take a dip into open water.

Andy Hayter

Andy Hayter

Mr Hayter said: "Clearly it will be extremely tempting to cool down in the summer by taking advantage of the bodies of water in your area such as rivers, ponds and lakes but even the strongest of swimmers in our communities can get entangled.

"The water is evaporated from lakes and ponds and you don't know what's beneath the surface, you can get entangled and that can up being unfortunately a fatal incident that we do not respond to.

"So our advice to you would be if you need to cool down, buy yourself an ice cream or go to the swimming pool - that's the safest option."